Knut modular

children\'s care bed Knut modular

Get to know children's care bed Knut modular

Thanks to the changeable door elements, you can change the frames with sticks (coloured or natural) against frames with Perspex in each of the 8 doors - or vice versa. So Knut modular offers maximum flexibility in cases of changed care requirements and can be retrofitted with low effort.

The interchangeable choice of either 64, 80, 100 or 120 cm high sides can simply be changed with the modular system.

What makes children's care bed Knut modular special

  • barred side height easily customizable from 64 cm to 80, 100 or 120 cm by modular system
  • lying height from 41 cm to 91 cm electrically adjustable
  • Trendelenburg/Antitrendelenburgfunction (optional)
  • elements with Perspex or sticks can easily be changed
  • four-winged folding-sliding door on both sides

children\'s care bed Knut modular completely opened

Why you should choose our care bed Knut modular

  • easy handling of the doors with child-proof lock
  • can be combined with all bed frames
  • optimum adjustment to correct care height possible, even for tall people
  • the wooden surface is treated suitably for children (DIN 71-3 Toy Safety)
  • body weights up to 150 kg possible
  • extensive accessories
  • professional construction style, high stability and reliability
  • available in two sizes (90x200 cm und 90x170 cm)
  • short delivery time
  • humidity protection
  • barred side height of 60 cm minimum (DIN/EN-regulation) available!

Bed size and barred side height

You should pay attention to the correct bed size and barred side height to ensure a good treatment!

lying area / external dimensions
90x200 cm / 103x218 cm  
90x170 cm / 103x188 cm  
four-winged folding-sliding door on both sides  
locking doors
child-proof lock SAVI-lock IV  
lying height: top of slatted bed base
41 cm - 91 cm  
door height / total height
64 cm / 114 cm  
80 cm / 130 cm
100 cm / 150 cm
120 cm / 170 cm
slatted bed base
head-/foot element manually adjustable  
not adjustable
head-/foot element electrically adjustable  
Trendelenburgfunction / Anti-Trendelenburgfunction (sloping position of the lying area)  
kind of wood
beech wood  
Polyfoam RG 35  
interior spring mattress  
Reha-Star Plus (up to stage 2)  
Reha-Star II (up to stage 4)  
incontinence cover  
features (optional)
protection for bed base  
fixed padding (wipeable) in cream or sky blue with vinyl windows

Here you can see some models we've produced to customer's order.
The Knut modular is only available in standard sizes 90x200 cm and 90x170 cm and is because of that within a short time deliverable. Please contact us if you have special requests!


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For our care beds we offer a wide choice of accessories.


patent lock
motor cover
removable corner posts
raising aid
patent lock II
play trainer wood

Many other accessories you find on our Bed accessories-page.

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